Learn using SPSS for conducting basic data analysis

Learn basics of SPSS for free!

Learn using SPSS for conducting basic data analysis

About the Class

The class will cover basics of SPSS. This will be a 3 hours class broken into 2 sessions of 90 minutes each. The class will cover the following topics :

  • Opening, importing, modifying, exporting and saving the data
  • Data transformation - compute and recode variables
  • Performing basic statistical analysis  - frequencies and cross-tabulations
  • Exporting output tables to MS word/excel

Who should attend?

  • Research scholors looking to build skills to work with their research data
  • Research professionals who want to learn/brush up their skills in data analysis 
  • Businesses interested in incresing productivity by analyzing their customer data
  • Anyone who has interest in playing with data


A laptop would be required for the class. Two students can share a laptop.


The course is completely free. A trial version of SPSS software would be provided. 

NOTE: The class will be cnducted only if there are atleast 10 participants.