'The Art of Communication' ||4-6 years||

Public Speaking

'The Art of Communication' ||4-6 years||

About the Class

All the programs in this workshop will focus on skills that develop over a period of time. Our primary focus across all levels is :

Oral Language development Listening Skills / Attention span Vocabulary
Distinguishing main idea Sequencing and predicting Determining theme

Reading fluidity and expressions

Idiomatic speech / Adjectival speech / Persuasive speech

Cultural knowledge

Creativity and Imagination / Thinking out of the box

Parts of speech

Starter Level - 3.5 - 5 years (60 minutes once a week)
Level I - 5 - 6.5 years (60 minutes twice a week)
Level I Consistency - For children who complete 3 months of Level I but are not fit to move to Level II yet as they may not be too comfortable reading and writing full sentences yet. Level II - 6.5 - 8 years (90 minutes once a week)
Level III - 8 -11 years (90 minutes once a week)
Knowledge Series - 5 years upwards (60 minutes once a week) 


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